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Sick of endless cables, searching for an aerial socket and complicated TV set-ups? If so, Freely might just be the answer. For the first time, you can watch the nation’s favourite TV, all for free with no need for an aerial or satellite – all you need is Wi-Fi.

What is Freely? 

Freely is the new way to do free TV. We’re talking unmissable and binge-worthy boxsets and the latest episodes of the the biggest series (the ones that eeeeveryone's will be talking about), and access to the perfect mix of live and on demand TV. All in one place, and all for free!   

How to watch live TV without an aerial or satellite

When it comes to Freely, the only thing you NEED to stream live and on demand TV is Wi-Fi (but if you want to plug in your aerial as well, that’s fine too!). Simply buy a Freely-enabled TV, set it up, connect to Wi-Fi and you’ll find all your favourite shows at the press of a button. 

Can a TV work without an aerial

All TVs can work without an aerial, but it might mean that you are limited to just watching your shows on demand. With a Freely TV, you’ll be able to stream your favourite shows both live and on demand without an aerial.  

When it comes to choosing a TV which works without an aerial or satellite, all you need to do is make sure it’s Freely enabled. Head to our buying guides to find out which TVs have Freely on them and where you can go to buy one.  

Which channels can I stream without an aerial or satellite?

Thanks to Freely, there are plenty of channels to stream on your TV. From gripping crime dramas and the best entertainment, to free films, comedies, documentaries and everything in between, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and more all have you covered. And it's only going to get better!

Ready to set yourself Freely of aerials and satellites? Get Freely today.