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About us – meet Freely (good to meet you!) 

What is Freely – the nitty-gritty about how Freely works 

Get Freely – where to buy TVs with Freely 


Our Products 

Products – from Freely TVs to TV Guides, find out everything you need to know about all-things-Freely 

Televisions – our impressive line-up of Freely televisions 

TV Guide – the holy grail of what’s on TV/see what’s coming up in the next 7 days 

Accessible TV Guide – how we’ve adapted the TV Guide for anyone with sight or hearing needs 

Software updates – get the latest on all the ways we keep making Freely better 


Freely TV partners 

Hisense x Freely – say hi to our first TV partner, Hisense 


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Trends - the latest shows getting the nation talking 

Newsletter – sign-up for the latest TV news and offers 


Help and Support 

Help – pop to our portal when you need a helping hand 

Channel List – view the line-up of available channels on Freely 

Software updates – check out all the improvements to our service 


Legal and Policies 

Legal and Policies - all the legal docs housed in one place

Cookie Notice – how we use cookies to make your browsing easier 

Privacy Policy – find out how we collect data and how we use it 

Website Accessibility Statement – how we make our website accessible to everyone 

Website Terms and Conditions – get the detail on the terms of using our site 

Corporate queries 

Media centre – visit Everyone TV for journalist enquiries (more info in About Freely

Careers – visit Everyone TV for latest jobs (more info in About Freely

Partnerships - visit Everyone TV to team up with Freely (more info in About Freely