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Freely is the new way to do free TV

The newest (most exciting) way to stream live and on demand TV, all in one place, for free. No more app-switching to track down your fave shows. You can now find everything in one place from all the big channels. And did we mention, it’s freeeee?! 


TV has had a serious glow up and it’s kind of a big deal. No dish, no box, no need for an aerial.

All you need is Wifi for Freely
All you need is Wifi for Freely

Less scrrrrrrrrolling, more streaming

No more having to get your detective on as you try to track down your next fave across different apps. Now you can save loads of time by finding everything in one place. Use the new MiniGuide to whizz from last week’s Doctor Who, to yesterday’s Trigger Point, to The Great British Bake Off or The Catch live. If you needed an excuse to get out of going out, it’s this!

And that's not all...

  • Did someone chat through a good bit (again)? Need to make a cuppa? No worries! Now you can pause and restart live TV

  • Browse all the biggest and buzziest shows, with the brand new MiniGuide

  • Want to watch the shows you love in a way that suits your needs? Visit the Accessible TV Guide, on channel 555

  • Plusssss Freely is just going to get bigger and better with more channels and features coming sooooon! 


Find and watch even mooooore

Find your next reality TV obsession. Discover iconic shows that you missed the first time around. Binge the latest box sets that everyone’s chatting about. Browse our rails brimming with awesome content to help you find the next show you’re gonna love.

Just press Freely!

It's as simple as pressing the Freely button on your remote. No drama. No stress. Simple.

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Freely Freemoji line up
Freely Freemoji line up

Ready to set yourself Freely?

Now you have the low-down about the TV streaming service everyone’s talking about, you need to know how to get it!