Freely Hisense
Freely Hisense

Freely's first launch partner

You can enjoy all the perks of Freely when you treat yourself to a 2024 Hisense 4K TV. 

Hisense is also the official sponsor of UEFA Euro 2024. What better time to invest in a cracking new set so you can cheer your country on while watching in the highest quality?!

Hisense x Freely

Hisense is one of the biggest global TV manufacturers out there

For years, Hisense has brought the cinema experience to homes around the world. Hisense TVs are known for reliability, outstanding quality, and impressive value.  

From vibrant Mini LED 4K cinema experiences for movie buffs, to 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) for feeling-like-you’re-there quality when gaming, or smaller screen Full HD TVs for bedroom bingeing. Whatever your thing, Hisense has the set for you.

Hisense lifestyle

Why buy a Hisense TV?

  • Unlock Freely and watch all your fave shows in one place. 

  • Enjoy stunning picture quality, knowing you’ve invested in the latest (and best) technology.  

  • Watch sustainably. Hisense TVs use efficient tech to produce bright, precise colour. TVs also come in recyclable packaging and a solar-charged remote on select models including the U7N and U8N series. 

  • Get a two-year warranty for peace of mind.  



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Which TV is right for you? 

Hisense 2024 4K TVs take your TV-watching up a gear. Pick your set based on how you watch. 

  • Mini-LED: Mini-LED creates deeper blacks and brighter highlights.

  • QLED: Experience true-to-life colour with Quanum Dot TVs.

  • OLED: The biggest perk of Organic LED TVs is they can create deep, rich colours. They’re often more expensive, but you can see darker scenes better.  

  • UHD: Ultra-High Definition offers high-quality imagery. Often cheaper, these TVs are ideal for people on a budget.  

Hisense screen tech

How does Freely work?

Freely offers live TV over the internet, so all you have to do is plug your TV into the mains, connect to the Wi-Fi, and start watching. If you’ve got an aerial, you can plug that in too for even more channels.

No dish, no box, no need for an aerial. All you need is Wi-Fi to enjoy live TV like never before.

Hisense U7N - side

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