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Water Sports

Artistic swimming - 5th to 10th August

Canoe Slalom - 27th July to 5th August

Canoe Sprint - 6th to 10th August

Diving - 27th July to 2nd August and 5th to 10th August

Marathon Swimming - 8th and 9th July

Rowing - 27th July until 3rd August

Sailing - 28th July until 8th August

Surfing - 27th July until 4th August

Swimming - 27th July until 4th August

Triathlon - 30th and 31st July, 5th August

Water Polo - 27th July to 11th August

Ball Sports

3x3 Basketball - 30th July to 5th August

Basketball - 27th July to 11th August

Beach Volleyball - 27th July to 10th August

Football - 24th July to 10th August

Golf - 1st to 10th August

Handball - 25th July to 11th August

Hockey - 27th July to 9th August

Rugby Sevens - 24th to 31st July

Volleyball - 27th July to 11th August

Racket Sports

Badminton - 27th July to 5th August

Table Tennis - 27th July to 10th August

Tennis - 27th July to 4th August


Artistic Gymnastics - 27th July to 5th August

Breaking - 9th and 10th August

Rhythmic Gymnastics -8th to 10th August

Trampoline Gymnastics - 2nd August

Cycling and Skateboarding

BMX Freestyle - 30th and 31st July

BMX Racing - 1st and 2nd August

Mountain Bike - 28th and 29th July

Road Cycling - 27th July, 3rd and 4th August

Skateboarding - 27th and 28th July, 6th and 7th August

Track Cycling - 5th to 11th August

Track and Field

Archery - 25th July to 4th August

Athletics - 1st to 11th August

Fencing - 27th July to 4th August

Modern Pentathlon - 8th to 11th August

Shooting - 27th July to 5th August

Combat Sports

Boxing - 27th July to 10th August

Judo - 27th July to 3rd August

Taekwondo - 7th to 10th August

Wrestling - 5th to 11th August



Equestrian - 27th July to 6th August


Sport Climbing - 5th to 10th August


Weightlifting - 7th to 11th August


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Water Sports

Para Canoe - 6th to 8th September

Para Swimming - 29th August to 7th September

Para Triathlon - 1st and 2nd September

Para Rowing - 30th August to 1st September

Ball Sports

Blind Football - 1st to 7th September

Boccia - 29th August to 5th September

Goalball - 29th August to 5th September 

Sitting Volleyball - 29th August to 7th September

Wheelchair Basketball - 29th August to 8th September

Wheelchair Rugby - 30th August to 7th September

Racket Sports

Para Badminton - 29th August to 2nd September

Table Tennis - 29th August to 7th September

Wheelchair Tennis - 30th August to 7th September


Para Cycling Road - 4th to 7th September 

Para Cycling Track - 29th August to 1st September 

Track and Field

Para Archery - 29th August to 5th September 

Para Athletics - 30th August to 8th September

Shooting Para Sport - 30th August to 5th September

Wheelchair Fencing - 3rd to 7th September

Combat Sports

Para Judo - 5th to 7th September

Para Taekwondo - 29th to 31st August

Wrestling - 5th to 11th August


Para Equestrian Dressage - 3rd to 7th September


Para Powerlifting - 4th to 8th September


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19th-21st July


26th-28th July


23rd-25th August 


30th August-1st September 


13th-15th September


20th-22nd September 

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Sports line up
Sports line up mobile