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Get strapped in because this month's new shows are next level and we can’t wait! Some brand-new shows and some new seasons! Here are our top picks of what to watch this month! So, keep reading...

What’s New on BBC and BBC iPlayer 

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

BBC Three + BBC iPlayer, starts Monday 1st July

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

5 years previously, young schoolgirl Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend who then killed himself. Everyone believed his guilt, but smart Pip Fitz-Amobi (Emma Myres) isn’t so convinced the real murderer was caught. For her final year project, she’s determined to prove the real killer is still free! How for will she go for the truth?

For fans of mystery dramas!

The Outlaws (Season 3)

Available now on BBC iPlayer 


The Outlaws follows the lives of a group of people from all walks of life brought together for community service in Bristol, their lives change for better or worse when they find a big bag of money! Season 3 begins with them moving on with their life after the arrest of crime boss the Dean (Claes Bang) but when one of The Outlaws returns with a dangerous secret they are hurtled back into imminent danger!

Are you a Baby reindeer fan? If so, you had best get watching! Jessica Gunning is back as Diane, who is now a fully qualified PCSO.

What’s New on ITV and ITVX 

Changing Ends

ITV1 + ITVX, coming soon 

Changing Ends

Fancy a show that’s guaranteed to give you the giggles? Get ready for the Season 2 drop of Alan Carr’s semi-autobiographical comedy. Based on his life as the son of a fourth division football manager, season two kicks of with Alan (Oliver Savell) feeling side-lined and forgotten by his family. With his father Graham (Shaun Dooley) so distracted by his football team, will he give his son the support he needs?

For Alan Carr fans!

Douglas is Cancelled

ITV1 + ITVX, Thursdays at 9pm

Douglass is Cancelled

After a year of MAJOR celebs getting cancelled, this show comes at the right time! Douglas Bellowes (Hugh Bonneville) is a TV news anchor who has his entire life come shattering down after he allegedly makes a sexist joke at his cousin’s wedding. When a fellow guest shares it on social media and it goes viral, Douglas and his team try their hardest to get ahead of the scandal…

Comedy drama fans, this one’s for you!

What’s New on Channel 4 

Young Sheldon (Season 7)

Channel 4 + E4, coming soon

Young Sheldon

We loveee this show! Our favourite childhood prodigy Sheldon Cooper (Ian Armitage) returns for the last season! Season 7 sees a shift in focus from Sheldon - to his family, with a wedding, a battle for the stock market and even a baby, season 7 is full of excitement!

You'll love this if you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory!

The Great (Season 3)

Stream on Channel 4, from Monday 8th July 

The Great

It’s official, The Great Season 3 has returned and we’re here for it. The Golden-Globe comedy drama is finally returning to our screens, and we couldn’t be more excited! This satirical show is based on the rise of Catherine the Great, from outsider to the longest-reigning female ruler in Russian history! Season 3 takes off after a murder plot goes awry! (We won’t say anymore in case you haven’t seen season 1 yet!) Starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult.

For fans of historical dramas!

Suspect (Season 2)

Stream on Channel 4, Coming Soon

BIG NEWS, the Suspect is back! Dr Susannah Newman (Anne-Marie Duff) returns, still on a quest to find the truth about the tragic death of her daughter. When a mysterious client makes a confession under hypnosis the race is on to save a life, the way she couldn’t save her daughter!

Watch this if you’re a fan of crime dramas!

What’s New on Channel 5 

The Baby Scandal That Shocked the World

Channel 5, Tuesday 2nd July at 9pm

The Baby Scandal That Shocked the World

Jump into the transatlantic custody battle that shocked the world! This compelling documentary tells the complex story of how the internet adoption of twin babies resulted in them living in two different continents. Through testimonies the two adoptive mothers and the birth mother speak out!

Watch this if you love a good documentary!

The Night Caller

Channel 5, Sunday 7th July at 9pm

The Night Caller

If you enjoyed Robert Glenister in The Great Train Robbery, then get excited as he is back as Tony in The Night Caller. This crime drama sees Tony, once a successful teacher – now a lonely taxi driver, form a very unhealthy obsession with Larence (Sean Pertwee), a late-night radio DJ.   

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