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BBC iPlayer is known (and loved) for all it’s great dramas, every single David Attenborough documentary – the man is a national treasure! – Doctor Who and more. Let’s face it, there’s loadssss to watch and even more we want to talk about, but we’ve rounded up some the best shows on BBC iPlayer that you can stream right now! 

Everyday drama 

Peaky Blinders 

One word – epic. The award-winning Peaky Blinders is forever one of our faves of all time. If you love, style, period dramas gangsters and Cillian Murphy, you’ll love this.

This Town

This Town on BBC

Peaky Blinders fans rejoice because its genius creator (Steven Knight) has made another a-mazing series – This Town. Once you start it, you’re not going to stop so it’s a good thing you can pause it to get more snacks!  


It’s not exactly a drama but it’s SO dramatic it might as well be. Forever hearing Peggy Mitchell shouting “Get outta my pubbbb!”

Red Rose

“It’s not just your battery that could die…” British drama, meets horror, and a little bit of real life that makes Red Rose that little bit more eerie. As a group of teens from Bolton download a mysterious app with sinister consequences. 

There’s a reason why Netflix wanted it… but BBC did it first. Just saying. 

Blue Lights

People: Stevie Neil (MARTIN McCANN), Grace Ellis (SIÂN BROOKE), Annie Conlon (KATHERINE DEVLIN), Tommy Foster (NATHAN BRANIFF) in Blue Lights Season 2

What a show!! Turn the lights off and get the snacks because Blue Lights is back with Season 2 and we couldn't be happier about it! Set in Post-Troubles Northern Ireland, this show combines insane acting with chair gripping storylines to give you some very thought-provoking realities... Once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop! 

Pure entertainment to add to your watchlist 

Doctor Who 

There was absolutely no way that sci-fi classic Doctor Who wouldn’t make this list. 60 years, 15 Doctors (counting David Tennant twice for being the 10th and 14th) and over 800 episodes, and we’re still just as captivated by the TARDIS as we were before. We’re true Whovians. 


MasterChef - BBC

We love a cooking show (arguably more than most), which means of course we watch MasterChef every time it’s on, while trying to convince ourselves we “could definitely make that”.

Race Across the World

Brydie, Sharon, Stephen, Viv, Eugenie, Isabel, Alfie, Owen, Betty & James - Race Across the World S4 - BBC

Do you enjoy travelling and going on new adventures? We do too! Get ready for a whole new journey with Season 4 of Race Across the World as they take on the challenge of travelling through Eastern Asia with no phones, internet access or credit cards! Could you do it? 

Ibiza: Secrets of the Party Island 

Zara McDermott in Ibiza Secrets of the Party Island - BBC

Did you (like us) think Ibiza was simply just a big party town? Well, it is that and more... this super intriguing mini-series will have you hooked in no time! Filled with clubs, yachts and villas Zara McDermott gives us the scoop on what the party life is reallyyy like in Ibiza. 

RuPaul's Drag Race UK 


There’s something about RuPaul’s Drag Race right now there are 5 seasons of Mama Ru and the the fabulous queens aiming to be the UK’s next Drag Race superstar. It might have something to do with the iconic one-liners, but we just can’t get enough!  

P.S. There a new series coming in Autumn – keep your eyes peeled! 

Comedy for Lots of Laughs 

People Just Do Nothing 

It’s so funny they made a feature-length film! It'll be hard to find anything so chaotic and weirder than this mockumentary series following a West London pirate radio station – Kurupt FM. How anyone in this show kept a straight face we’ll never know. 


Love a sketch show? So do we! Starring black British talent, Famalam has us crying with laughter. From Croydon’s leading witch doctor and the Nigerian prince no-one emails back to Nollywood’s FAST & FURIOUS, it's full of odd characters and off-the-wall situations. Trust us you’ll love it. 

Life on Mars 

For us, this show never gets old! We were laughing out loud from episode one as we delved deep into life as a police officer in the 70s (with a twist!) from hilarious dad jokes to excellent casting and writing this timeless piece is a must watch!  


Ever wondered what would happen if you combined Mallory Towers with Skins? Well, here’s your answer and we LOVE it! It’s new, exciting, eye opening and so full of drama that we are already counting down the days till season 2. 


An oldie but a goldie! How could this classic British Sitcom not make our list? Sit down, relax and enjoy the hilarious day-to-day life of the Brockman family! One of our all-time favourites, guaranteed to cause giggles.  

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