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What’s on Channel 5, you ask? Don't worry, while there's plentyyyyy to watch, we've got you covered with just enough to get you started with everything from gripping dramas to eye-opening documentaries and everything in between. Grab the popcorn and make a cuppa, because our picks will keep you glued to the TV for quite some time.

Gripping Dramas

Mysterious strangers, fatal mistakes, and suspicious murders - what more could you want? 

The Cuckoo

Jill Halfpenny in The Cuckoo on Channel 5

Prepare to be shouting at your TV as one family’s seemingly perfect life is quickly dismantled when their new lodger gets uncomfortably close with their adoptive daughter.

You’ll like this’re a Jill Halfpenny fan. 

Too Good to Be True

Too Good To Be True - Channel 5


After a chance encounter with a mysterious businessman, struggling single mum Rachel soon finds her luck is about to change. He provides her with a better job and better pay, but as the two get closer his façade begins to slip. Could it be Too Good to Be True

You’ll love this if... you enjoy figuring out what makes characters who they are - for better or worse. 

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers - channel 5

Who can ignore a life-changing discovery like a hoard of Saxon treasure? Definitely not detectorists morally conflicted Martin and Ashley, whose lies quickly spiral out of control and soon under suspicion for murder, the lies quickly spiral out of control. 

You’ll like this like a high-stakes drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat. 

Captivating documentaries

My Wife, My Abuser: The Secret Footage

My Wife, My Abuser The Secret Footage - Channel 5

A shocking portrayal of the decades of abuse Richard Spencer was subject to at the hands of his wife Sheree. As Channel 5’s best performing factual title, My Wife: My Abuser: The Secret Footage gives an important voice to male victims of domestic abuse.

The Intruder: He's Watching You

The Intruder He's Watching You - Channel 5

The electrifying hunt for 'The Fox', one of rural Britain’s most calculated and prolific killers - as told by the detectives who worked tirelessly to catch him.

Kate & The King: A Special Relationship

Kate & The King A Special Relationship - Channel 5

The touching story of King Charles and Kate Middleton. From shared creative pursuits to a unified sense of resilience in light of recent health struggles, this intimate documentary looks at the blossoming relationship between the royal pair. 

All things Nature

Spring has sprung, and what better time to dive into some nature programmes? 

Springtime on the Farm 

Springtime on the Farm - Channel 5

It’s a season full of new beginnings. Join Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson as they capture the drama and excitement of one of the busiest times to be a farmer.

The Mighty Mississippi with Nick Knowles

The Mighty Mississippi with Nick Knowles - Channel 5

It's over 2.3K miles long and the longest river in North America, so you can imagine there's a lot to see and learn when it comes to the Mississippi River. Nick Knowles takes us on a cultural and historical adventure starting from Minneapolis in the north and heading all the way down all the way south to New Orleans.

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