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Wondering what to watch on ITVX? We’ve rounded up the best ITV shows to watch on Freely; from electrifying drama series to explosive reality TV and fun family favourites.

Gripping dramas that'll have you on the edge of your seat

We love a drama and ITVX has a whole range that'll keep you glued to your TV

Trigger Point

Full of shocking plot twists and fatal decisions, prepare to be gripped by the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism efforts and captivated by EXPO Lana Washington’s personal mission to save as many people as possible.  

You’ll like this love Line of Duty.

Under the Banner of Heaven

Andrew Garfield as Jeb Pyre in Under The Banner of Heaven on ITV and STV

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 86%🍅 

Tense, thrilling and provocative. Under the Banner of Heaven shines a light on the events that led to the murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her 15-month-old daughter by her brothers-in-law, uncovering secrets about The Church of Latter-Day Saints.

You’ll like this if... you’re a fan of true crime. 


Breathtaking - ITV and STV

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 88%🍅 

One NHS consultant’s struggle in the eye of the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on Rachel Clarke’s own memoir, Breathtaking makes for an emotional and deeply moving watch. 

Love & Death

Love & Death are just two sides of the same passionate coin really, and in the aftermath of an affair, a housewife finds herself accused of murdering her lover's wife. Elizabeth Olsen leads a star-studded case in this unbelievable biopic crime drama. 

You’ll like this like crime dramas that are difficult to untangle until the very end. 

Explosive Reality TV

There’s no shame in loving a bit of reality TV, don't worry we’re right there with you. Dramatic arguments, fiery relationships and touching moments of vulnerability. We love it all.  

Big Brother

Big Brother - ITV and STV

It's one of Britain’s most famous houses. And whether it's filled with celebs or 'regular' people, there's no doubt in our heads that drama is imminent. With several big personalities thrown together for weeks on end, and no contact with the outside world, Big Brother proves to be the ultimate social experiment.

Love Island Games

Maya James hosts Love Island Games on ITV and ITVX

Quite literally the hottest reality TV show on air. Love Island Games takes things international with alumni from UK, AUS, and US editions coming together for a second chance at love. What’s messier than having your ex and new love interest in the same villa? And, of course there's always Love Island which we very much look forward to every year. #GotAText

You’ll like this’re looking for drama and spice with the occasional swooning moment thrown in. 

Oliva Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich

Oliva Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich - ITV

Money absolutely makes the world go around. From TikTok to 'adult entertainment', reality TV star Olivia Attwood meets the young entrepreneurs taking matters into their own hands – in the most unconventional ways. 

The Only Way is Essex

The Only Way is Essex - TOWIE - ITV

Or TOWIE between friends... Some might call it a reality show, and some might say it’s a soap opera, but either way prepare to be fascinated by the lives, loves and scandals of the guys and girls in Essex. 

Britain's Got Talent

Britian's Got Talent Judges and Hosts

Participants from all over the UK compete to impress Judges Bruno TonioliSimon CowellAmanda Holden and Alesha Dixon, in order to prove that they have what it takes to win the prize and perform for the Royal family!

You’ll like this’re looking for a family watch, with some good laughs too. 

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