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Get strapped in because this month's new shows are next level and we can’t wait! Some brand-new shows and some new seasons! Here are our top picks of what to watch this month! So, keep reading...

What’s New on BBC and BBC iPlayer 

The Responder (Season 2)

Starts BBC One + BBC iPlayer, Sunday 5th May at 9pm 

The critically acclaimed BAFTA-nominated show, by ex-policeman-turned-writer Tony Schumacher is back with vengeance as Liverpool cop Chris Carson (Martin Freeman) starts rebuilding his life and relationships while dealing with the extremes on the front line of British policing. 

The Responder brings a dynamic and human touch to the script that is hard to imagine when not on the frontline. You’ll love this if you’re a fan of Blue Lights or The Tower

Doctor Who (New Season) 

Available on BBC iPlayer from Saturday 11th May 

Doctor Who is backkkkk! And fans of Sex Education will rejoice as Ncuti Gatwa returns as the Fifteenth Doctor. Now there’s no need for us to tell you what this show is about but the trailer had us on the edge of our seats and it wasn’t just the Bridgerton reference... Although the winner for us was “there’s no such thing as monsters, just creatures you haven’t met yet!” Don’t know about you guys, but we will be up at midnight ready for the first two episodes to be released!  

Sit back and relax as the brand-new season looks like it's going to be an exciting journey! 

Granite Harbour (Season 2) 

Available on BBC One Friday 3rd May 9pm 

This three-part series had EVERYONE wanting more!! After an exciting end to season one, the new season sees the “Best Dressed double act in TV history” detective duo Lindo (Romario Simpson) and Bart (Hannah Donaldson) back in Aberdeen to investigate a new wave of crime sweeping the city and immersing themselves once again in the Granite city’s criminal underworld. 

If you love crime (with a Scottish twist) this is the show for you! 

What’s New on ITV and ITVX 

Red Eye

Watch on ITV1 and STV, Sundays at 9pm (or stream every episode now on ITVX and STV Player)

Red eye - ITV

Get ready for an addictive thriller... it's pretty intense! After being arrested for murder, a British doctor (Richard Armitage) is flown back to Beijing, under the watchful eye of DC Hana Li (Jing Lusi). But when the flight doesn’t go as smoothly as it should, it's not long before Hana finds herself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy. 

You'll love it if... you love a thriller wrapped in conspiracies.

Orphan Black: Echoes 

Available on ITVX Thursday 16th May 

Orphan Black Echoes - ITVX

Can you believe it’s been seven years since the five-season multi-award-winning Orphan Black ended? We definitely can't! And now we are thrown back into the Orphan Black universe a few decades in the future as we follow the lives of a group of women as they journey to unravel the mystery of their identities, while uncovering heartbreaking love, loss and betrayal.  

Goosebumps? Us too!  

If you are a fan of Hana, Humans or Dark Matter we think you’ll love this! 

The Disappearance of Gabby Petito 

Available on ITVX Thursday 9th May 

The Disappearance of Gabby Petito - ITVX

Who doesn’t remember the 2021 disappearance of 22-year-old Gabby Petito? What was meant to be an experience of a lifetime turned into a harrowing tale. After going missing, she was the most famous face in America and the most searched subject on the internet. 

This three-part documentary series shows what everyone wanted to know: Where happened to Gabby? 

For fans of crime docu-series like the Yorkshire Ripper and The Jinx

What’s New on Channel 4 

Me and the Voice in My Head 

Available on Channel 4 Monday 13th May 

Join former Hollyoaks actor Joe Tracini as he shares his battles with Borderline Personality Disorder. Known on social media for his honesty about his experiences with BPD we now see him on TV introducing us to Mick- the constant voice in his head.  

This Mental Health Awareness documentary will shine a light on what it’s like to suffer intrusive thoughts and voices as well as an insight into Joe’s battles with addiction and past traumas.  

The Gathering 

Available on Channel 4 Tuesday 14th May 

Do you love a British mystery thriller series? Sit down and get cosy because this new whodunnit or in this instance a-why-done-it is going to have you putting your detective hats on. Brought to you by the producers of Line of Duty, a young elite gymnast- Kelly (Eva Morgan) is attacked at an illicit rave alongside friend/teammate Jessica (Sadie Soverall).  

Each episode shines a light on the respective lives of the teenagers and their families with potential motives and gives us the challenge of guessing who committed the crime! We cannot wait for this six-part series! 

For fans of Thirteen Reasons Why and Skins

Bake off: The Professionals (Season 9) 

Available on Tuesday 14th May on ITV 

Looking to be caked with laughs? Well Channel 4 has been cooking up a storm of excitement as they search for Britain's best patisserie team. Liam Charles and Ellie Taylor get ready to welcome a fresh batch of pastry chefs! 

This is a cooking show galore, if you’ve never watched Bake Off before it's the yeast you could do! 

What’s New on Channel 5 

Sue Perkins in Thailand 

Available on Channel 5 this May  

Sue Perkins is back! This time she’s off on a super exciting journey across three regions of Thailand! Starting off in Chiang Mai get ready to watch her as she meets some extraordinary people, experiences unique culture and delves into the wilds of the jungle, we cannot WAIT to see the journey Sue takes us on! 

If you loved Michael Palin in Nigeria this is a must see! 

The Amazon with Robson Green 

Available on Channel 5 this May 

Actor and documentarian Robson Green is back for his most exciting but challenging adventure yet! Follow Robson as he travels through the Amazon region and ventures deep into the Amazon Rainforest through lush jungle, past mesmerizing wildlife and warm welcoming locals!  

For travel series fans this is the series for you! 

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