Welcome to the Freely Accessible TV Guide

Making it easier to find the shows you love that meet your sight or hearing needs


Accessible TV Guide features

The high contrast guide is designed to be easy to read – plus, you can magnify it for extra clarity. If your TV supports it, you can turn the text in the TV guide to audio too so you can hear about everything that’s coming up.

Freely's Accessible TV Guide UI

Choose the settings that suit your needs

  • Use text-to-speech to get around the Accessible TV Guide (if your TV can do this) 

  • Show only programmes with audio description  

  • Show only programmes with subtitles 

  • Show only programmes with sign language 

Then press OK!

Freely Accessible TV Guide options


Remembering how you watch

Once you let us know how you’d like to watch, we’ll only show you the programmes that work for you. And don’t worry, we’ll remember, so you don’t need to tell us every time you turn on your TV!