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Freely is the newest UK streaming platform, combining the best of live and on demand TV all in one place, and all for free. While you may have seen or heard that it has some of the best technology around, what can you expect from your Freely TV? 

Browse and search

Not sure what you want to want to watch? Browse our recommended rails, editorially curated by the TV experts here at Freely. Or if you know what you’re looking for, find it quickly without the hassle of app hopping with our handy search tool. 

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A new free TV feature, the MiniGuide pops up every time you switch channels. It keeps things simple and helps you browse and discover relevant live or on demand content quickly. Whizz from Traffic Cops on Channel 5 to the latest episode of Doctor Who live on the BBC before diving into the archive, all in the blink of an eye.  

Pause and restart live TV

Did someone chat through the good bit (again)? Need to make a cuppa? No worries! Now you can pause live TV for up to 15 minutes and restart live TV. Freely has your back. 

Freely remote control button

Getting all of the above is as easy as pressing the Freely button on your remote. No drama. No stress. Simple. 

Accessible TV guide

Our quest to bring free TV to everyone doesn’t stop there. Our Accessible TV guide on channel 555 makes it easier to find the live shows you love that meet your sight or hearing needs. The high contrast guide is designed to be easy to read – plus, you can magnify it for extra clarity. You can turn the text in the TV guide to audio too. Once you let us know how you’d like to watch, we’ll only show you the programmes that work for you. And don’t worry, we’ll remember, so you don’t need to tell us every time you turn on your TV!

Freely Accessible TV Guide options

Thinking that Freely sounds like something you’d want? Find out how to get Freely