My TV isn’t showing all channels listed in the TV guide

Wondering why you’re seeing different channels on your TV to the ones listed in our guide? Depending on how you connect your TV the channel line-up will change.

Wi-Fi (Only)

If you connect via Wi-Fi you will receive over 24 channels, including all BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5 live streams. You’ll also be able to access all on demand content. For a list of channels visit our FAQ.

Watch this space as we work with channels to make Freely even bigger and better and make watching your fave shows even easier!

Wi-Fi & aerial (Hybrid)

If you connect over Wi-Fi AND plug in an aerial, you will receive a wider range of channels from those listed on our TV guide and access to all on demand content.  The channels you will receive can vary depending on your location and the transmitter that you receive your signal from.  You can see the hybrid channel line up on our TV Guide.

To top up your channels via an aerial, you'll need to check your aerial is connected to your TV, in good condition and is pointed in the right direction towards a transmitter. Visit our FAQ for help on how to connect your aerial.

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